How To Choose the Perfect Chandeliers for Your Home

When you renovate your home or move into a new home you are excited because you’re approaching a blank canvas. You can do whatever you want with your new home décor project. It is a fun time while it can also be a bit tense. What you need to keep in mind is that you have a picture in your mind of you want your home to look and how each room should be designed. And once you know this you can start searching for the perfect chandeliers for your home.

You may need more than one chandelier for your home because there are a number of rooms. The lounge is usually where most people start because it is the focal room of the home and where most people gather. So you want to get a chandelier that is both dramatic and provides sufficient light throughout the space. A crystal chandelier is a good option for a lounge because it is adorned with crystals and these crystals hang low for that dramatic effect. The type of crystal chandelier you can choose will depend on the size of the room as well as the height of the ceiling. With a high ceiling you can hang a large and long flowing crystal chandelier so that it fills up the space and creates a bold focal feature. Lower ceilings will lend themselves to smaller chandeliers so that it does not knock anyone’s head as they walk under it.

Next, the attention moves to the kitchen. This is where you also spend a lot of time preparing food so you need good strong lighting. You can opt for a chandelier that has multiple light bulbs or light fixtures. Such as a lighting fixture that has three hanging lights. This will light up the counter tops and the kitchen quite well. Then you can decide if you want a modern or a classic style. This will depend on the style of kitchen you have.

Then the bedrooms will be the next focal point. This where you relax and go to sleep at night. The lighting should be soft and should match the design of the bedroom. Always make sure that you keep the design of the room in mind when you search for a chandelier because you want to have the right lighting in that room but it should also suit the style of the room. If you have a big bedroom with a high ceiling you can go for a medium sized crystal chandelier, probably one that has a colour texture to it like rose gold, or grey as these are softer shades. Or you could go for a ceiling light that has two or three light fixtures to create layered lighting.