What is Grow Lighting?

Grow lighting is a new type of lighting that has been introduced to the South African market. The demand for this type of lighting was created by the legalisation of marijuana products in this country. With this new industry that has arisen, many new developments have come about with it being legal to grow this plant as well as to sell it. You would have noticed that a lot of new marijuana products have entered the stores.

In order to grow these plants effectively and to enhance their productive growth, grow lights have become available to the public. Grow lights are a specifically manufactured light bulb that promotes the growth of the marijuana plant. They come in different sizes depending on the size of the garden. So you will find small single globes as well as long tubes.

Grow lights feature a wide lighting coverage and a 90 degree beam angle and certain grow lights offer full spectrum lighting. The idea with these lighting products is that the plant reacts positively to the light that is shone on it all the time. This constant exposure acts like a mini version of the sun. Of course, you do need to measure the amount light time you would require for productive growth. So the light bulb won’t be on 24/7. If you think about sunlight, it only shines during the day but not at night. Sunlight is a key element to growth of any plant but sometimes the sun is a bit too harsh on those hotter days. Harsh sunlight can burn the plants and some days there is no sun at all, which is why many farmers and gardeners are building greenhouses to ensure the wonderful growth of their plants.

You may think that light is light and what is the difference? Have you ever tried to grow a plant under normal lights? It doesn’t make a difference because it is only emitting light for the sole purpose of lighting up a room. But if the bulb offers light and targeted heating along with enough coverage it could cause the plant to grow better and faster.

If you are a marijuana farmer then this is a product that could enhance your productivity thus allowing you to offer more of this product to your customers.